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Tulum Tour

Tulum, considered by many as the most beautiful of the Mayan Ruins sites around Cancun, is small but exquisitely poised on the fifteen-meter-high cliffs above the azure waters of the Caribbean Sea. Tulum isn't the largest or most impressive of the Mayan Ruins of the Yucatan, but thanks to the awe-inspiring setting, it sticks in the memory like no other. It is also the nearest to Cancun.


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Tulum Express

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Tulum & Playa del Carmen

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Private Tulum & Coba

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Tulum & Aktun Chen

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Tulum & Catamaran Sailing Tour

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Tulum & Ultimate Adventure

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Tulum & Dolphins

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Tulum & Jungle Maya Tour

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Xel-Ha Tulum Tour

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Tulum Xcaret Tour

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Tulum Xel-Ha Private Tour

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Tulum - Xel Ha Tour

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Tulum Xcaret Tour

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Tulum & Coba

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Tulum & Aktun Chen Tour

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Private Tulum & Rio Secreto

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Private Tulum & Akual Bay

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Tulum & Tankah Tour

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The biggest attraction to Tulum is the setting - high atop a palm-lined cliff top overlooking azure blue water and brilliant white sand beaches.  We first visited six years ago - Sandra still calls this the most beautiful place she's ever seen - and we have been to a lot of great places.  Tulum means "Wall" in Mayan - a name given to it because it is a walled city.  Originally from the Classic period, evidence dates it back to 564 A.D.  Between 1200AD and 1500AD, Tulum was a major trade hub for the Mayas.  As with most of the Mayan cities, Tulum was conquered by the Spanish Conquistadors in about 1518AD.


The Mayan Ruins of Tulum are not all that big, so you can cover the area and see the entire ruins site within about 1 1/2 to 2 hours.  The ruins are located just 8 miles from Xel-Ha ecological park, so it is only natural to combine these two major attractions into one tour.  We also feature the only Tulum & Xcaret combination tour in Cancun, plus we also have the Tulum Caribbean Wonders tour that takes you snorkeling in some of the most beautiful water on earth. 


The Tulum-Xel Ha or Tulum-Xcaret tours are a great option if you have kids who will be restless and bored looking at what they perceive as piles of rocks all day, but you really want to see a Mayan Ruins site this trip.  They only have to stay entertained for a couple of hours, and then they get to go to Xel-Ha or Xcaret for snorkeling, swimming, and all-around fun.  It's a great compromise. 

It does cost about $3USD to film with your video camera, so you might want to just take a regular camera with you.  Tulum has some of the most beautiful beaches and water on earth - you have to see it to believe it, especially on a sunny day.  If you're staying at one of the excellent Tulum Hotels or a hotel in the Mayan Riviera, we highly recommend the Tulum Caribbean Wonders snorkeling tour so you get a chance to experience it up close.


Tulum is located 84 miles (130km) south of Cancun, just 8 miles (13km) from the Xel-Ha. Just take the main highway from Cancun.  The vast majority of visitors to Tulum take a guided tour such as those above, and most continue on to Xel-Ha to finish out the day.

For the independent traveler, you can also rent a car, take a taxi, or catch a collectivo or bus from Cancun.  The Bus or Collectivo will let you off the highway at the entry road to Tulum, where you'll need to hoof it for about 1km into the ruins site.  Taking a taxi from Playa Del Carmen will set you back about $35 each way, from Cancun will cost more like $75 each way.  The collectivo will cost just about five dollars but of course is by far the least convenient method of transport.  If going on your own, you'll want to hire a guide at the ruins for about $40.00.


8:00AM to 5:00PM - 7 Days a Week.  Arrive early before the tour buses arrive if you're going on your own.

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